Solution Overview

Everyone understands the challenge. Experience the solution.

No more delays. No more miscommunication. By simplifying the entire quote-to-production process, CSP provides a solution that benefits everyone.

The SAAS (software-as-a-service) platform lets users create production-ready proofs and quotes in real time. And that’s just the first of many CSP Plus advantages:

  • With its visual, easy-to-follow program, it can be deployed to internal and external support and sales people, as well as channel partners
  • Mobile application with automated steps allows field sales to create proofs and quotes right in front of customers, who can then e-sign and approve the order just as easily
  • Designed and tested to be user-friendly, CSP Plus usually requires no end-user training, making it a true guided selling tool
  • Open API and talented integration consultants make it easy to integrate with existing applications, including ERP and CRM software

Our guided selling configurator does more than help close sales faster and easier. It also delivers those orders with greater accuracy.